Initial NexSite Hemodialysis Catheter Clinical Data Presented At VASA 2014

May 14, 2014 – Marvao Medical Limited today announces that Dr. John Ross of Orangeburg, South Carolina, has presented his initial results on the first 20 patients to receive NexSite HD. The presentation occurred at the 10th Vascular Access Society of the Americas (VASA) conference held in Dallas, Texas on May 3-4. After the presentation, Dr. Ross commented “Although this is a small initial data set, the surprisingly low number of complications we saw in this challenging patient population sends a strong signal that NexSite technology could offer significant clinical benefits over conventionally cuffed catheters.  I’m very encouraged that additional studies will bear this out”.  Marvao co-founder and CEO Chris Davey added “We are extremely pleased with these results and we’re working to expand on this success with additional clinical data from other sites in 2014”.

View a summary of Dr. Ross’ results at the bottom of the page.

About NexSite ESM – Many types of catheters exit the patient’s body through an open wound in the skin, exposing the patient to complications as a result of infection.  Effective management of the catheter exit site using antibiotic ointments or antimicrobial dressings has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of potentially deadly catheter related bloodstream infections (CRBSI).  To date, practical and cost barriers have prevented these clinically effective methods from being widely utilized.

Marvao Medical’s innovative NexSite™ ESM™ technology is a novel technology for the management of the catheter exit site. It is based on tissue ingrowth and features our patented DISC™ (Dermal Ingrowth Support Collar) that enables the wound in the skin at the catheter exit site to heal. Marvao Medical is working to incorporate NexSite™ ESM™ technology on a broad range of long term implantable medical devices.

About Marvao Medical – Marvao Medical specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative medical devices to address unmet clinical needs and deliver high quality of care to the patient population. Based at the Innovation in Business Centre on the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology campus, Marvao Medical and is supported by investments from Enterprise Ireland, the Western Development Commission, Enterprise Equity and private investors. Marvao Medical has partnered with Harmac Medical Products (Castlerea, Roscommon) to manufacture NexSite catheter products.


Dr. Ross’ results:

VASA 2014 – The Exit Site Management (ESM) catheter – A retrospective evaluation of the first in human use of the NexSite HD Catheter

VASA 2014 Ross Clinical Data Summary

VASA 2014 Ross Exit Site Management Catheter Presentation

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